More book reviews!

Last week Sam Behseta asked me to join the editorial board of CHANCE as the book editor and I frankly see no reason to refuse the offer! First, it means more books to read and review (hence, free material for the ‘Og!). Second, CHANCE is a general audience statistical journal published by the ASA, hence completely reputable!, and parallel to Significance. Third, it is a fairly pleasant way (for me at least, if not uniformly for the authors) to contribute to the society.

3 Responses to “More book reviews!”

  1. [...] some credential in prospect theory or decision analysis] was interested in reviewing the book for CHANCE, let her or him contact me by email through bayesianstatistics on Gmail… [...]

  2. [...] David Cox’s and IMS medallion lectures). I met new people (including the editorial board of CHANCE!) and old friends (the Bayesian mixer was too short!),  delivered the rewards for the Mitchell [...]

  3. [...] over lunch, I had my first meeting of CHANCE editors, which was very nice and exciting, as it seems CHANCE is heading [...]

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