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Venezia (snapshot #2)

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canal du Rhône à Sète

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pink flamingoes

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Carnon [and Core, end]

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Yet another full day working on Bayesian Core with Jean-Michel in Carnon… This morning, I ran along the canal for about an hour and at last saw some pink flamingos close enough to take pictures (if only to convince my daughter that there were flamingos in the area!). Then I worked full-time on the spatial statistics chapter, using a small dataset on sedges that we found in Gaetan and Guyon’s Spatial Statistics and Modelling. I am almost done tonight, with both path sampling and ABC R codes documented and working for this dataset. But I’d like to re-run both codes for longer to achieve smoother outcomes.

Carnon [and Core, bis]

Posted in Books, pictures, Running, Statistics, University life with tags , , , , , , , on June 15, 2012 by xi'an

Except for an early morning run to the outskirts of the (heavily built and downright ugly) Grande Motte, without catching sight of a pink flamingo, I had a rather full day of working on Bayesian Core with Jean-Michel. I managed to complete the hidden Markov section but we still have some way to go on both the hierarchical and the image analysis chapters… We essentially have to handle yet a new dataset for each chapter. With just one and a half day to go!


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