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Series B news

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IMG_2451IMG_2450The Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, has a new cover, a new colour and a new co-editor. As can be seen from the above shots, the colour is now a greenish ochre, with a picture of pedestrians on a brick plaza as a background, not much related to statistical methodology as far as I can tell. More importantly, the new co-editor for the coming four years is Piotr Fryzlewicz, professor at the London School of Economics, who will share the burden with Ingrid van Keilegom professor from UCL (Louvain-la-Neuve) who is now starting her third year… My friend, colleague and successor as Series B editor Gareth Roberts is now retiring after four years of hard work towards making Series B one of the top journals in Statistics. Thanks Gareth and best wishes to Ingrid and Piotr!

visit at Gatsby

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Russell Square station, London, Feb. 6, 2013Today I took the Eurostar to London to give a seminar at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL. (Just a few blocks from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases, where I gave an ABC talk last year.) I had great fun, thanks to an uninterrupted sequence of meetings: I got a crash course on RKHS (reproducible kernel Hilbert spaces) by Arthur Gretton, discussed about estimating the number of species, dealing with unknown functions of the parameter in the likelihood, using tests as ABC statistics, and explained how to use empirical likelihoods in non-iid settings. After this full day, we had a superb dinner at St. John, a Michelin starred restaurant with highly enjoyable English cuisine, offering game and offal dishes that reminded me of Le Petit Marguery in Paris…  (Not a place for vegetarians, obviously.)

A heap of PhD studentships at UCL

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Mark Girolami sent me this announcement for six PhD studentships in Statistical Methodology and Its Application at University College London (UCL) that are great opportunities for anyone interested in computational statistics!

The studentships are attached to the Department of Statistical Science at University College London, and a subset of them are UCL Impact awards. Impact awards support collaborative studentship projects with organisations such as charities, companies, government institutions and social enterprises. The impact awards are joint with Lloyds bank, Xerox Research Centre Europe, and NCR Labs, respectively. Continue reading

Cosmology meets machine learning

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There is a workshop on cosmology and machine learning at UCL on May 3-4, i.e. just before the ABC in London workshop at Imperial! I wish I had heard about it earlier so as to plan my trip accordingly… There is even a talk on ABC in cosmology by Manfred Opper! The next day (during the ABC in London workshop) is an update about the GREAT10 data challenge.


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