Half-marathon in Argentan

On Saturday, I am running the annual half-marathon in Argentan. I have been running this half-marathon for 14 years, since 1995 to be precise. I even ran it (or at least the track used in 2001 and before) the year it was cancelled, in 2002… The track has changed over the years so the times are not exactly representative. My best time ever is 1:20:34 and last year I did 1:21:32 and finished 26th over the new track, which is my best time over that track with the naughty pace killer hill in the middle of the Gouffern forest.

This year, the track is the same except that it runs backwards, so I am uncertain about the impact on my running time. The forest part will come earlier, around the 7th km, and will start with a sharp if short slope, then one km or such of slight upgrade, and then a very long run slightly downhill. About the 15th km, there will be another slight slope, about 20 meters, and then another dowhill run almost all the way back to Argentan. My prediction is a faster race, but this does not mean I will run faster than last year! I have been training since mid-August and feel prepared, if slightly tired from the three last bouts (3 x 8 mn – 3 x 2000 meters – 3000 + 1000 + 3000 meters over a week). Wind is always a liability in Argentan since most of the race is in open roads with few hedges that could break the impact of the wind and I still remember those years when running against a wind wall was particularly grueling. It has also been raining a lot in the past days and the part of the track in the Gouffern forest is likely to be muddy.

Check for my update on Sunday!

3 Responses to “Half-marathon in Argentan”

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