Bienvenue !!!

Welcome to my first blog! It is rather unclear why I feel the need to start one blog and I will most likely not update it fairly often, but keep checking, who knows?!

4 Responses to “Bienvenue !!!”

  1. […] late by a few days, a short entry to celebrate (?!) or at least mention 3 years of blogging on the ‘Og. I am now past 1350 entries, 2775 comments, and 350,000 views, with […]

  2. […] B’day, ‘Og! This blog started a year ago with the definitely poor prediction that “I will most likely not update it fairly often”… I have been spending an increasing amount of time on the ‘Og, in reply to an […]

  3. Certainly my worst prediction ever… Till the next one.

  4. The verdict is: blog-addicted.
    And you got it wrong on the “most likely” stuff this time…

    [et je crois qu’Arno et moi, en tant qu’afficionados, nous meriterions au moins un cafe….]

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