Extraordinary “Pre-ordinary Meeting” at the RSS

The Young Statisticians Section at the Royal Statistical Society is organising a pre-meeting on October 15 to introduce the Read Paper of the day at the Royal Statistical Society, namely the discussion paper by Havard Rue, Sandra Martino and Nicolas Chopin “Approximate Bayesian inference for latent Gaussian models by using integrated nested Laplace approximations”. One of the speakers, Nicolas Chopin in the current case, is presenting a summary of the paper, followed by a (critical?) presentation by another researcher, Nigel Frial in this case.

I think this is a terrific idea and as all great ideas only wish it would have been brought forward earlier! And hope this will be continued for all discussion papers in the future. It will help younger members of the statistical community to get aquainted with the topics discussed during the meeting and hopefully encourage them to contribute either orally or by written means to the discussion in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Best wishes to this valuable endeavour!

3 Responses to “Extraordinary “Pre-ordinary Meeting” at the RSS”

  1. […] Monte Carlo will be read at 5pm at the Royal Statistical Society, Errol Street, London. As for earlier papers, there is a pre-ordinary meeting run by the Young Statisticians section at 3pm that […]

  2. […] be submitted to Charlotte Stovell. If things proceed as last year, there should be in addition a preordinary meeting preceding the regular meeting in order to better explore the paper being discussed, […]

  3. […] its handling of Read Papers is an unique example of academic excellence and the recent addition of Pre-ordinary meetings an illustration of the way the RSS keeps reinventing itself. (This excellence and wealth […]

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