Chronicle of a disaster foretold

Today was the “big day”, i.e. the day of the half-marathon in Boulogne-Billancourt, which is my favorite race of the year because it is flat (the only gradients are when passing under other roads), fast, mostly protected from headwinds (even though it borders the Seine river), well-attended (more than 4500 runners this year) without being too crowded like the Paris half-marathon and well-supported with several bands along the race, including a Breton piper band! The winner this year, Nicolas Manza, won in the incredible time of 1:00:09. He was 1 minute and 20 seconds ahead of the second runner… Each time we passed the head group, he was clearly far far ahead of the other runners. This is still more than one minute above the World record, but it shows how fast the race can be.

My own time is obviously much less glorious since I ended up in 1:21:06, almost two minutes more than my record time of 1:19:13 last year and my worst time on that race. As suggested by the title of this post, I knew beforehand this was not going to be a top race. Since my half-marathon in Argentan, I have indeed recovered very slowly, with recurrent pain in the upper right tight, repeated bouts of mild tendinitis under the right knee and even two rounds of stiff necks that prevented me from running for several days in a row… In total, I had to skip more than two days a week of running and, worse, all my training days! Since Argentan, the only training day I have had is a series of 300 meters. So, despite running almost every day over one hour for the past 10 days, I knew I had not enough training to keep with the pace of last year. The beginning went on fine, actually, with a rythm of about 3:46-3:50 per kilometer, and I kept the pace till the 16th km. But then the 1:20 flag runner passed me along with a dozen runners and I realised I was in trouble when I could not keep up with them! I then ended at a pace closer to 4:00 per kilometer with a group of runners that I joined almost from the start, even though I had some reserves left to run the last kilometer a wee faster and to overcome two runners. I now need to fully recover….

2 Responses to “Chronicle of a disaster foretold”

  1. […] tendons have been sore since the Argentan half-marathon and the reason why I did not do better in Boulogne.) I still ended up the 300m in 55:13 and the series with an average 56:66 but it hurt so much that […]

  2. des excuses… des excuses…

    je fais le meme temps… en voiture!!!

    Felicitations tout de meme 1h21… moi je trouve ca fort!

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