UseR! 2009 in Rennes

The 2009 UseR! conference will take place in Rennes (Brittany, France) next July! As described on the conference homepage, as for the predecessor conference, the program consists of two parts:

  1. invited lectures discussing new R developments and exciting applications of R,
  2. user-contributed presentations reflecting the wide range of fields in which R is used to analyze data.

A major goal of the useR! conference is to bring users from various fields together and provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas: both in the formal framework of presentations as well as in the informal part of the conference in Rennes.

While I am a bit surprised by the absence of speakers or tutorials on either Bayesian Statistics or simulation methods (even though some tutorials mention both), there is a lot of information provided during this meeting, quite exciting for all R users!, and I do wish I could attend, especially when it’s next door, but I am already booked for the MaxEnt 2009 meeting that takes place at the same time in Mississippi and which also promises to be an exciting meeting, if not for the same reasons (I just hope the whole conference won’t be in Latin!) Rennes is in addition a very nice and lively town, and, for those looking for a vacation spot, a good gateway to discover Brittany and its Celtic traditions.

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