Researcher positions at INRA

There is an opening for six researchers positions in Statistics at INRA the French national research institute in agronomy, food sciences, and genetics. In particular, the unit located at Jouy-en-Josas near Paris is looking for a Bayesian statistician. The guidelines are provided in English there and the dealine is February 27. This is a call for a permanent position as a civil servant, but there is no condition on age nor nationality. Of course, the salary is comparable with salaries in universities and research centers in France, so is not much, a gross 2000 euros per month, but the working conditions and the environment are quite interesting. The persons to contact for the Bayesian position are Alain Trubuil and Hervé Monod. (Not me!)

Ps—There is also an opening for a lecturer position in Statistics at Paris Dauphine, not yet posted. The salary is just as bad as the one above and there are restrictions on applicants like being qualified by the CNU (Conseil National des Universités), but anyone interested should contact me.

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