Another review of Bayesian Core

Dominic Lee just posted a very nice review of Bayesian Core on amazon, which balances the earlier review commented on this post. This is the second review by someone who taught from the book, so I am quite pleased the feedback is so positive.

Generally, I find “Bayesian Core” to be a highly versatile book that is useful at different levels. (…) At the advanced undergraduate level, I have used material in the book for final-year projects.

With regard to the initial criticism, which somehow started all this flury of reviews, I somehow understand better the reviewer’s perspective of being unable to start from scratch on both Bayesian Statistics and computational methods, even though his/her parallel analysis of four Bayesian textbooks clearly ranks him/her above beginners. Dominic Lee also makes this point

I would not recommend the book for self-study to someone who is encountering Bayesian statistics for the first time (self-study from the book is quite feasible for someone who already has some background in Bayesian statistics).

The review also contains useful indications on how to revamp the book when we undertake the revision for the second edition.

My wish-list of improvements are:
(a) Some of the exercises can be difficult and can do with more hints.
(b) Some of the contents of the slides can be incorporated into the book to improve clarity.
(c) Additional exercises, preferably involving data sets other than the key ones used in the chapter, can be provided at the end of each chapter so as to give a more diverse exposure to applications and examples.

(Hopefully in not too long! The R Guide to Monte Carlo Methods has to be completed first, though… Soon there, soon there.)

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