MCMC workshop in Warwick

Next week I am attending the EPSRC Symposium Workshop on Markov Chain-Monte Carlo organised by the Mathematics Research Centre of the University of Warwick, mostly by Elke Thonnes and Gareth Roberts. The programme is quite exciting, with speakers from the USA as well as Europe, some of whom I had not seen for quite a while! There has not been such a workshop on the forefront on MCMC research for years, since MCMC’sk in Bormio (2005 and 2008), while very good on its own right, focussed more on the applications of MCMC than on current research. Although I am less into MCMC and more into sequential importance sampling these days, I dearly hope to gather new directions for research at this meeting. (I also count on the absence of particular attraction in the neighbourhood, as the mountains of Wales are too far! The nearby has the poetic name of Gibbet hill, but the gradient is too low to be discernable…) As an aside, I will be speaking on a mix of my previous talks on Bayesian model choice in Montreal and on ABC methods in Montpellier, so no need to re-post the slides, which will be a condensed version of my recent course as well.

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