Three more volumes?!

“…somehow it seems fitting that what began as a trilogy will also end as one.”

For those still interested in the Wheel of Time endless sequence of novels, Tor Publishing just announced that the “last” volume of the series would actually be made of three, yes three!, more volumes. The quote above is also from Tor and is just hilarious!!! This is in fact a pentadecalogy, maybe the first of the kind. (Or an hexadecalogy when including New Spring as the first volume.) Judging from the reactions from the Wheel of Time fandom, fans are only mildly surprised at the news, given that Brandon Sanderson, the writer of the “last” volume, had already warned about having too much material for a single volume… Given the addiction of fans to the series, some of whom have started reading it more than twenty years ago, it may even be that they mostly welcome the news that the series was not to end soon, because they feel part of a World that keeps evolving after the death of its creator… Eerie!

One Response to “Three more volumes?!”

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