Great week!

Within a week, I got acceptance letters from Bayesian Analysis, Biometrika, and Statistical Science for the papers ABC likelihood-free methods for model choice in Gibbs random fields (arXiv posting), ABC-PMC (arXiv posting), and Theory of Probability revisited (arXiv posting) What a great week! Further, the paper on Jeffreys will be a discussion paper with two discussions from Andrew Gelman and Dennis Lindley already received. The ABC-PMC paper, now called Adaptive approximate Bayesian computation, is in the Miscellanea section of Biometrika, which I feel is a bit lower key, but, nonetheless, having this re-evaluation of ABC-PRC and of the substitute ABC-PMC we propose in a top-tier journal is the major thing.

One Response to “Great week!”

  1. […] Franck Jabot and Guillaume De uant have just posted on arXiv a paper about a refinement of the ABC-PMC algorithm we developed with Marc Beaumont, Jean-Marie Cornuet, and Jean-Michel Marin. The authors state in […]

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