A Venezia

img_1308 When visiting Venezia, it is always a (great!) surprise to see how lively the city is, i.e. how remote it is from a tourist trap-box. We are staying a few blocks away from San Marco and the Bienale gardens (in an amazing 15th century building!), and it definitely feels different, with only convenience shops around and mostly locals in the streets. I went jogging this morning and, while Venezia is not the ideal place for running, it is somehow brainless running in that you can follow streets at random, turn back if you hit a waterway and only keep track of your allocated time. You will eventually hit back Rialto or San Marco (because this is a 2D random walk) and find your bearings from there… Also, running in the early morning means that the streets and pathways are not too crowded to become a pain: when I came back to the appartments, streets were starting to fill with people going to work or to school, delivery boats downloading supplies to local stores, and street cleaners collecting the domestic garbage left in plastic bags at every door (the downside of running early is avoiding the garbage spilled by gulls and other birds!)…

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