Done!!! [or The R companion to MCSM (8)]

After fighting a little bit with the complexities of writing an R package, and overcoming the boredom of documenting every function and writing down the demo codes, I have eventually finished the mcsm package (version 1.0) and sent it to CRAN for public access… Since this is mostly brainless (cut-and-paste, then tidy up documentation created by prompt), I was able to make progress in the small time-slots I found last week in Venezia. I got the various checking steps working with no error not warning message, but this may not be the case on other machines and I am waiting for the green light from the CRAN maintainers. As posted earlier, this is the very last step of writing the draft of Enter Monte Carlo Statistical Methods and therefore it is done, D.O.N.E…!!! I now stand ready to send the document to Springer! Although I would have wished for an earlier completion, writing the solution manual and the package took an extra month.

One Response to “Done!!! [or The R companion to MCSM (8)]”

  1. Antoine Dreyer Says:

    bravo !!!

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