A prequel to The Lord of the Ring

The Hunt for Gollum came out this afternoon (only) on Dailymotion! It is a short movie made by dedicated fans of the original Lord of the Ring in the beautiful mountains and woods of northern Wales, recreating the costumes of Peter Jackson’s movie by themselves. Given those premises, it is incredibly good. That people could work on this project for years without any financial support and produce a coherent (if short) movie of almost commercial quality is amazing. (Without the above premises, I must add the movie is a bit bland… The plot is fairly simple and builds upon the few hints given in The Lord of the Ring about the search for Gollum but does not dare to go much further. The acting is not always very convincing either, even though the battle scene is well-done. So, objectively, I can only recommend the 35 minutes of The Hunt for Gollum to fans. Which is supposedly the reason for the shot.) Retrospectively, though, when compared with X-Men origins: Wolverine, where I had to take my daughter yesterday, I finally preferred by far The Hunt for Gollum!!!

One Response to “A prequel to The Lord of the Ring”

  1. impressionnant en effet!
    c’est pas toujours bien joue, mais c’est de grande qualite… apres les multiples faux travellings paysages pour occuper du temps…. ils auraient pu s’en passer…

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