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Traders to Teachers is designed to turn unemployed finance professionals into math teachers in three months.”

Ok, an easy pun related to earlier posts… There is an article in The New York Times of yesterday about unemployed traders turning into math teachers with the help of a New York State program. This is quite interesting in that (a) it shows an ability to react quickly both on the State side and on the traders’ side (it would take years for the French education system to agree on that sort of scheme, with actions about “Kapital entering schools” and this kind of things!) and (b) it prefigures a more evolving job vs. age topology in that older people may have/want to move from an intensive and stressful job like trader to another [still intensive and stressful] job like teacher, where past experience may be a true asset to motivate theory with fact. Given the growing pressure on retirement plans, this may even become compulsory, something like young retirees having to teach part-time in connection with their earlier job…

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