5k versus 50yrs

Darn, the tendons I mentioned in the previous post were just on hold and they made this clear after the third k. So I limped to the arrival line, loosing more than a few places to end up in 16:49, i.e. more than 30 seconds above the time of last year. As my friend Dominique Calassou told me a few minutes later, the incoming 50’s should make me more cautious about setting high goals as this kind of trouble is bound to happen more and more! The race was actually easier than in the past years because the uphill slope was hardly noticeable. The kilometers were however indicated in a fairly unpredictable way: I ran the first k in 3:54 and the second in 3:02, which is clearly impossible. The third k was done in 3:42, which seems plausible, and I ended the fourth k in 4:10, which is also possible given the limp… The most surprising thing is that I ended up 12th (out of 128), compared with 19th last year (out of 156). Anyway, I will have to take a long break now if I want to run the 5k in D.C. this August and the two half-marathons in the Fall…

2 Responses to “5k versus 50yrs”

  1. […] as I am flying to Birmingham for the CRiSM workshop on Model uncertainty, I will miss my local 5k, La Robinsonnaise, for the first time in a long while. Last year saw the beginning of my sciatica symptoms, while the […]

  2. […] training anyway for the climb two weeks from now in Scotland. My next race in sight is the 5k in Robinson where I started to hurt last year. If it does not take place during the Warwick meting… (I […]

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