Bayesian Data Analysis [with R] for Ecologists

This summer, I will give a short course on the above in a terrific place, the Gran Paradiso National Park. It is organised by Achaz von Hardenberg, who works in the Alpine Wildlife Research Centre of the Gran Paradiso park, jointly with Antonietta Mira from Università dell’Insubria. This course is essentially the beginning of the course I gave last summer in Brisbane or, more clearly, the first half of Bayesian Core. I will try to change the examples/datasets into more ecological illustrations and, hopefully, to cover the capture-recapture models, which should not be a problem for the intended audience. (This chapter of Bayesian Core is actually much more difficult to teach than I previously thought, maybe because of the model itself…) Note that the course is limited to 16 participants, so if you are interested, you should sign in asap by contacting the park at

Grandes Jorasses

The place itself is truly terrific! (The alternative title for the course could be “Bayes in Paradise”…) Just at the foot of Mont Blanc, it is located in the Valle d’Aosta region and is surrounded by mountains. I speJoachim climbingnt a family vacation there a few years ago and we did a lot of climbing and hiking in the park, including this climb of an equipped dam. To the point that my kids are now “saturated” with mountains and have quickly signed for a summer camp at the beach instead…! The good side of this is that we will have more leeway for doing real mountaineering, like going back to the top of Gran Paradiso or even maybe to Monte Bianco by the Italian route. There is also a walk during the course that is organised by the wardens of the park, which means we will see animals like bouquetins (alpine ibex) and chamois we usually do not see, although bouquetins are not particularly shy, as shown by this picture I took on a morning run during the last visit…

Bouquetin from Aosta

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