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Theory of Probability As you can see from the link on the previous post, I have updated the slides on SlideShare and they are down to 124. Obviously, this was not enough reduction to cover the whole series in 45 minutes and so I skipped Chapters 2, 4, 6 and 7! Arnold Zellner gave his discussion of our paper as his talk, which was entertaining. One major point of his (as well as Rob Kass’) is that Theory of Probability has had a major impact on the epistemology of Science, making probabilistic assessment of models [sort of] the norm. This makes sense, indeed, and broadens the discussion. Gonzalo Garcia-Donato exposed his interesting regularisation of Jeffreys’ testing [or divergence] priors as developped in Chapter 6, a regularisation whose only drawback is to depend on a power parameter to be calibrated.

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  1. […] points about the early part of Theory of Probability, and making a very nice overview of it at the O’Bayes 09 meeting. Always in the kindest manner. Sid Chib wrote an obituary of Arnold Zellner on the ISBA […]

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