Last update on ABC in Paris

This is simply to announce a last minute change of room for the talks of ABC in Paris, next Friday, June 26, from Amphi(theater) 5 to Amphi(theater) 2-3, located in front of one another, on floor 2 of the (only) university building. The remaining information available on the meeting webpage is up-to-date. Check there for travel instructions. There is a métro stop called Porte Dauphine that is located just next to the University. (If you end up in the Russian embassy, you went too far!)

In case participants worry how to find Amphi 2-3, Université Dauphine is located in a single building (the former NATO headquarters) and there is a single set of lifts that stop on the second floor next to Amphi 2-3. Getting lost is thus almost impossible….

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