3rd Rimini Bayesian workshop (2)

My talk for the 3rd Rimini Bayesian workshop is at last complete, which is just as well since the meeting starts in half an hour! Here are the slides with a (pre-) reply to Russell Davidson’s criticisms.

Not much change compared with the previous version, apart from this reply.

Ps—I actually discovered when entering the room of the conference that I was also supposed to give a regular talk! Thankfully, I had my well-rehearsed talk on computational model choice (available on slideshare) ready.

2 Responses to “3rd Rimini Bayesian workshop (2)”

  1. […] Diderot, in ten days, is completed. I recycled some of the slides I had done for the debate in Rimini more than a year ago, since they included quotes from different perspectives on what model choice […]

  2. […] saggio dopo Rimini Following the econometrics conference in Rimini last summer, I was asked to submit an essay on the theme “The 21st Century Belongs to Bayes” […]

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