Ritorno da Rimini

Back from the workshop in an uneventful journey where the train was on time, air-conditioned, and with a plug!, and the plane was only slightly delayed by a small storm in Bologna. The meeting was certainly interesting if very confidential (20 to 25 people) and people there quite friendly. The debate went on with no need for shouting or specious arguments, thanks to Russell’s self-confessed agnosticism. The trip also gave me the opportunity to read three short novels by Andrea Camilleri following the suggestion of Alessandra Iacobucci. Those are detective stories taking place in Sicily and I found them quite enjoyable, if not at the level of Fruttero and Lucentini’s novels. (The translation in French also misses the linguistic game between Italian, Sicilian and the intermediate versions…)

In connection with ABC in Paris, Julien Cornebise also posted on the SAMSI website a set of comments on the talks.

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