Washington snapshots [day 4]

It is most often a fairly interesting experience to take a taxi in the US, at least in cities, because one almost invariably meets taxi-drivers with incredible stories from all over the World. I remember the Somali taxi-driver that took me to the airport in Philadelphia, telling me of a trip back to Somalia with his sons where they had been so shocked by the poverty there that they left all their spare clothes and shoes when they came back. Here in Washington many taxi-drivers are from Ethiopia and they have interesting stories as well. They tipped us on the good Ethiopian restaurants around and we ended up eating at Dukem, in Washington’s “Little Ethiopia”, where I liked very much the spicy—too spicy for the rest of the party—food served on thick pancakes called injera that reminded me of the saracen wheat pancakes of Brittany. The taxi back was from Nigeria, instead, and after talking about his trip to Ireland, the taxi-driver told us that Nigeria was still brewing the original Guinness, according to the “true” recipe. Which brought us back to Statistics via “Student” Gosset’s employer…

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