Re-Read RSS Paper

In a kind of apologetic twist, the Research Section of the Royal Statistical Society has decided to have papers discussed that were already published as ordinary papers in JRSS Series B, because of their observed impact on the field. I think it is a terrific idea and I am looking forward the resulting discussions, since, given people have had much more time to think about and to implement the proposed methodology, their discussions should be deeper and more definitive than discussions about new methodologies. (The danger being an implosion of the discussion topic into summaries of independent papers!) The first paper selected for this type of discussion is Benjamin-Hochberg’s ‘Controlling the false discovery rate: a practical and powerful approach to multiple testing’ that has had an long-term impact on the way multiple testing is handled. The discussion will occur during the Society’s 175th anniversary conference in Edinburgh on September 9th.

The next Read Paper will take place on October 14 in London and is about `Particle Markov chain Monte Carlo’ by Christophe Andrieu, Arnaud Doucet, and Roman Holenstein, which is a novel approach to the construction of Markov kernels via sequential Monte Carlo methods. The paper should soon be available on the RSS website and anyone is welcome to submit written comments on the paper by October 28; if submitted before October 14, they may even be read during the meeting. Those contributions must be no longer than 400 words (plus figures) and should be submitted to Charlotte Stovell. If things proceed as last year, there should be in addition a preordinary meeting preceding the regular meeting in order to better explore the paper being discussed, organised by the Young Statisticians section of the RSS.

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