The Gathering Storm (a review)

Although it had been posted for about a month, I only came across a review of The Gathering Storm this afternoon. This is the first volume in the Brandon Saunderson’s planned trilogy, supposed to end the Wheel of Time monumental series… (See this post for a fairly interesting if partial analysis of Jordan’s style.) The interesting point is that the review is published before the book appears on October 27! Unfortunately, it is quite limited in the informations it gives about the plot, while being vaguely reassuring about the continuity with Robert Jordan’s style and purpose. (The cover may be one of the worsts in the series, by the way.)

2 Responses to “The Gathering Storm (a review)”

  1. […] out!—and read the Prologue on my way back to Paris. This prologue was long enough for Tor, Jordan’s publisher, to put it on sale a few weeks before the book came out (!). As usual, the […]

  2. As pointed out by Dragonmount, you can read the first chapter of The Gathering Storm for free!!! ’tis a short chapter, but I am not really convinced by its style…

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