ABC-PRC: Correction posted on PNAS

In connection with our ABC-PMC paper, to appear in Biometrika, the authors of the original ABC-PRC paper have recently published a corrigendum in PNAS that agrees with our analysis of the bias., due to the likelihood ratio approximation based on two unbiased estimators being itself biased. The correction they propose is to modify the denominator in  an importance sampling manner, as in ABC-PMC. So this kind of nicely solves the earlier controversy surrounding those papers!

2 Responses to “ABC-PRC: Correction posted on PNAS”

  1. […] would further the improvement brought by sequential methods. (The authors were aware of the correction of Sisson et al., and used instead the version of Toni et al. They also mention the arXived notes […]

  2. Long life to “A whole happy ABC family again”, as said Mark Briers at ABC in Paris !

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