Un-dead tree

In contrast with our earlier green experiment, which ended up rather sadly for the little bonsais, my 94 year old neighbour tried to kill a huge (20m) Catalpa tree she had planted about 45 years ago and which she thought was rotten and thus threatening. As she was afraid it would fall, she called a tree gardening service who came last December and only left the trunk and a few stems, at 5m or so… The assumption was that rain and rot would take care of the remainder. (There was no sign of disease nor of hole in the cut branches, however.)

reborn treeAs it happens, the tree survived the winter and grew new branches over the summer. It is not back to its former glory but new branches of 5m or so have grown from the trunk and hopefully will keep going over the coming years.

4 Responses to “Un-dead tree”

  1. […] sad, considering that the tree was actually doing very well and was first cut based on the inexact assessment that it was hollow and threatening to fall… Now, my 94 neighbour also is afraid to fall when […]

  2. […] kill a mocking tree In an earlier post, I commented on the resilience of my neighbour’s tree. She alas wants to get rid of the (20m) […]

  3. Bina for LBFC Says:

    We are certainly witnessing a case of metemphsycosis.

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