PhD thesis proposals

I just received two emails with PdD thesis proposals in Copenhagen

The Informatics and Mathematical Modeling Department of the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen funds every year 5 to 10 PhD students. Several PhD subjects are currently available in the following areas: Spatial statistics, Bayesian modeling, Computational statistical methods, R packages development, Statistical genetics and molecular ecology, Environmental statistics, Statistical analysis of microarray data.

Salary: varies between 4100 and 5300 euros depending on experience. (net salary = gross salary minus 17% pension contribution minus 33-46% taxes).

Deadline: October 14 2009. Students interested by one of these topics should contact asap Gilles Guillot (gigu ã with a detailed cv (with grades obtained in the last 2-3 years) as soon as possible.

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and in Avignon

A PhD position is available for candidates interested in building models and statistical methods for biology. The candidate will be funded by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), he will be hosted in the research unit Biostatistics and Spatial Processes at Avignon and associated to the new ANR funded project EMILE concerning inference methods and softwares for evolution. The position is for three years and the student will defend his PhD thesis at the University of Montpellier II or Avignon. The application is open to students from any country with a master degree in statistics, applied mathematics, biomathematics or with a master in population biology or epidemiology and a strong interest for modelling and statistics. Speaking languages required: French or English.
Starting Date: 1 November 2009 or as soon as possible thereafter (until the beginning of January 2010).
Salary: 16,800 euros per year. In addition, the student will be covered by the French health care system.
A letter of application, a CV detailing the skills in statistics, mathematics or biology, and the report of the master internship if applicable should be sent to E. Klein (Etienne.Klein ã and S.Soubeyrand (Samuel.Soubeyrand ã as soon as possible.

Of course, salary_wise, the position at INRA does not stand the comparison!, but then it is in Avignon, Provence! And more seriously, the topic is quite focussed about the quickly emerging ABC methodology, in connection with our ANR grant EMILE.

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