Happy B’day, ‘Og!

This blog started a year ago with the definitely poor prediction that “I will most likely not update it fairly often”… I have been spending an increasing amount of time on the Og, in reply to an increasing number of connections, and I am not sure this is an efficient strategy, but I do like this media as a way to immediately discuss about read papers and tech’ reports. (I wish journals like Bayesian Analysis would allow for a bloggin’ section, even though I understand this is a severe commitment because of moderation issues.) As pointed by Andrew Gelman, bloggin’ is dangerously addictive! Here’s, by popular demand, the top of the hits over the past year:

Title Views
Of black swans and bleak prospects 898
Tornado in Central Park 864
Bayes’ Theorem 595
ABC in Paris, June 26 383
About 306
Sequential Monte Carlo without likelihood 279
Reference prior for logistic regression 257
Bayesian p-values 229
Anomalies in the Iranian election 212

Interestingly, and reassuringly!, besides both first entries that address highly popular topics, the other hits are about statistical topics! And the list includes Bayes’ Theorem, ABC and SMC.

2 Responses to “Happy B’day, ‘Og!”

  1. Jonas Wallin Says:

    I for one hope that you will continue blogging.
    Your blog has been my favourite ever since I found it. Both the statistic entries and your more general(?) entries are very enjoyable for me.

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