New typos in Monte Carlo Statistical Methods

Three weeks ago, I got this email from Amir Alipour, an Iranian student, about typos in Monte Carlo Statistical Method:

“I found some typos in the book which were not reported at your website. I list them blow, I would appreciate if you let me know if I`m right.
1.       Page 4, line 9,  (\theta_1,\ldots,\theta_n,p_1,\ldots,p_n), the index should not be k instead of n?
2.       Page 4, example 1.3, last line, n>q, should be n>=q (as we have x_0 ).
3.       Page 5, the likelihood of MA(q), it seems \sigma^{-(n+q)} should  change to  \sigma^{-(n+q+1)}.
4.       Page 8, formula (1.10).  The gradient symbol \nabla is used for the first time without introducing, while it is used for the second time on page 19 with introducing.
5.       Page 8, Example 1.6, the log part in \psi(\theta), should  change to \log(-1/(2\theta_2)).
6.       Page 10, in modified Bessel function, z should change to t.
7.       Page 10, Example 1.9, in the likelihood function, the power of \sigma should be -n, and the power of the function under product should be -\frac{p+1}{2}. (Even Figure 1.1 is not consistent with likelihood)”

and I have posted those new typos on the associated webpage. Amir Alipour has thus managed to find seven yet undiscovered typos in the first ten pages of the book! I am quite grateful to Amir Alipour for signaling those typos. Especially the final one which is due to an intented presentation of the t density as a polynomial, with a poor wording: the likelihood of a t sample is proportional to a power of a polynomial in the location parameter. (And there still is a typo since \sigma^{n(p+1)/2} should be \sigma^{2n/(p+1)}…) Now I can only hope Amir Alipour can proceed through the whole book with the same amount of dedication!

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