Introduction to Bayesian analysis

Yesterday, I started my standard master course on Bayesian analysis, based on my book The Bayesian Choice. Here are the slides (in English)

They definitely need to be upgraded into Beamer and enlarged to some extent (the test part is separate) but not yet this year, I am afraid! The course is completed in about six weeks, implying the students have to work real hard between classes, and to ensure this, they must hand back solved problems from the chapter(s) covered in the previous class at the beginning of the next class.

2 Responses to “Introduction to Bayesian analysis”

  1. This is most bizarre, indeed! When I look at the html source code, I get a link to three photos from an Indian college if I use my browser but back to my slide if I link through wordpress… Further, when I check my blog entry, the code was the one given by slideshare… Very bizarre!!!

  2. Well, under Linux firefox does not show anything useful after the words ‘Here are the slides’. More curiously, if I look directly at the HTML code and try to open the addresses found there, it plays a flash movie but that doesn’t look like slides for the The Bayesian Choice (or maybe a Bollywood version of it).

    Maybe the problem is just that I have the latest, 10.0, version of the flashplayer installed whereas many sites -myspace, youtube, etc. – require(d) downgrading to flash 9 for correct viewing! But flash is evil anyway so never mind…

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