Comments on ABC for model criticism

As noted in an earlier post, the ABCμ paper by Oliver Ratmann, Christophe Andrieu, Carsten Wiuf and Sylvia Richardson that appeared in PNAS offers a lot of new perspectives on ABC. With Carla Chen and Kerrie Mengersen, we discussed about those perspectives during their visit to Dauphine last June and decided to formalise our comments into a letter to PNAS that we have now submitted to the journal. Because of the length constraint on the letter, it is quite terse and we have also posted a longer version on arXiv. Unfortunately, our timing was wrong since we immediately got this polite rejection from PNAS.

“Thank you for submitting your Letter to the Editor for publication in PNAS. It appears that the PNAS article your letter refers to was first published online on June 12, 2009. The timeliness of the letters we publish is crucial, and we are only able to consider letters which discuss PNAS papers published within the past three months. Unfortunately, we must reject your submitted letter for this reason. We appreciate your interest in PNAS and encourage you to submit in the future.”

My (own and implicit) understanding was that on-line posting did not count as a starting time, since the exact reference  of the paper is  PNAS,  June 30, 2009, vol. 106 (26), pp. 10576-10581, but yes it does!

2 Responses to “Comments on ABC for model criticism”

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