Exploratory Statistics with R

The exploratory Statistics course at Université Paris Dauphine has now started again and I am giving as in the past years the version of the course in English for interested students. Here are the slides (in English):

The course is intended for our third year students who already have two probability courses and one statistics course as background. The idea is to work only with small groups and only in the computer lab, so that they can experiment on the go. This approach is the result of several failed attempts when the students would not show up in class but only in the labs. The students take an on-line exam at the end of the course in January with multiple choice questions that must be argumented by attached R programs. This follows several years when the students were handling projects, due to massive cheating!

3 Responses to “Exploratory Statistics with R”

  1. […] As posted yesterday, today was the day of my Exploratory Statistics exam, turned into 3 R exams because of the lack of terminals for the students to work on. (We tried […]

  2. […] that presumably had been there for a while… As this is the day of my large (156 students) R exam, I am prevented from attending a speech that could prove as disastrous as last year. But could also […]

  3. At page 23: you definitely missed the O(1) solution of the travelling salesman problem (http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/travelling_salesman_problem.png).

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