Merging bibtex files

Even though I strive to work with a single bibtex file for all my papers and books, using a symbolic link to the mother biblio.bib file in each paper directory, it happens now and then that local biblio.bib files get a life of their own! So this morning I cleaned up my computer by replacing all mutant biblio.bib files by the mother file, but I had first to make sure all local references had been included in this single file. There are certainly many ways to do so but I found using kbibtex, a bibtex editor for KDE, fairly painless and efficient.

3 Responses to “Merging bibtex files”

  1. Thanks, Julien, I actually had troubles using kbibtex and Jabref made my day!

  2. I also recommend Jabref, which has the added benefit over kbibtex that you can run it on any platform (Mac, Unix, Windows) without installation, thanks to its Java implementation — to be entirely correct, you need a java virtual machine, but that’s now default everywhere. URL:

  3. […] reading this post about merging bibTeX files, it reminded me of a program I used in the writing of my dissertation. […]

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