MCMSki III in Utah

The third 2011 edition of MCMSki has been announced via the Valencia mailing list and the meeting is thus now public, with the support of ISBA as well as IMS. It is taking place in Park City, Utah, from January 5 till January 7, 2011. (More precisely, it will be held at The Canyons, which looks like a fantastic ski resort!, with some of the best skiing conditions worldwide…) As can be gathered from the title,

“…the unifying theme of the conference will be MCMC and its impact on the practice of statistical science in diverse areas, such as genetics, genomics, environmental health, epidemiology, and so on. However, since this is a joint meeting of two diverse organizations, talks on a wide variety of  topics (both Bayesian and non-Bayesian) will be presented.”

As in the previous MCMSki meetings, there will also be an Adap’ski(ii) satellite meeting organised by Christophe Andrieu and myself on adaptive MCMC algorithms and other evolutive schemes. It should be on January 3 and 4, 2011, to take advantage of people and speakers (incl. Jeffrey Rosenthal) attending MCMSki. We should have a webpage running soon…

4 Responses to “MCMSki III in Utah”

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  4. 2011… mais c’est tellement loin Bob!!!
    deja 2010… je sais pas comment m’organiser… avec toutes ces confs!

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