Valencia nine and then…

The next Valencia International Meetings on Bayesian Statistics is unfortunately taking place in Benidorm, State of Valencia, next June 3-8. I write “unfortunately” because the place has no charm at all, being, as many coastal towns, ruined by mass tourism that led to buildings like the one on the picture and to an unsustainable ratio of tourists to local inhabitants… Quite obviously, I do not mean to blame the organisers of the meeting for this choice as, given the attendance of the meeting (600? 700?) and the popular request to have it on the beach!, there is no alternative if everyone is to stay within the same hotel in order to keep the old Valencia spirit (of sharing ideas and arguing till the early hours) alive to some extent. It is also unfortunately the last meeting of its kind, as José Bernardo is retiring after having handled those meetings since 1979! A whole 30 years of dedication to  Bayesian ideas and ideals. Many thanks to José for making the meetings the reference priors of all meetings!!! This means that, while Valencia International Meetings on Bayesian Statistics will continue to be organised, these meetings will become an ISBA “brand” and may end up being geographically if not topically uncorrelated with the State of Valencia! I am definitely hoping for Valencia 10 to take place in Reykjavik, Iceland, Interlaken, Switzerland, or Torre del Paine, Chile, if only to celebrate José Bernardo and his love of mountains (beside catering to my tastes!).

An important practical piece of information about the next Valencia International Meetings on Bayesian Statistics is that the deadline for submitting papers and posters is December 1, this year, and that you need to be a current ISBA member by the time you submit your paper or poster. Note also the registration fees of 485 euros (excluding lodging) that may change your mind about attending the meeting! Presumably, there will be some student support available.

6 Responses to “Valencia nine and then…”

  1. […] quality of this last meeting of the series quite high and I am thus sad this series comes to an end. This mythical gathering of “true believers” on a Valencianos beach town certainly had […]

  2. […] June 1, 3, 8 and 9 at 10am. (It sadly clashes with the Valencia meeting for those students who can afford it!) It is free and open to anyone […]

  3. […] the best time for climbing…) José Bernardo also indicated that the early registration hotel prices were still in […]

  4. […] just sent around the poster for the latest (and last) Valencia meeting. As discussed in a previous post, the location is the densely urbanised coastal town of Benidorm and the poster does nothing to hide […]

  5. […] better opportunity to argue about our point than a talk. Especially in an environment such as the Valencia meeting where posters occupy a central place in the […]

  6. […] because this is an area central to my research interests. Since most attendees will also be in Benidorm the following week, we can envision ten days of exciting debates about the nature of Bayesian model […]

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