Real Madrid for real

Being in Madrid during a game of Real Madrid means I “had to” take my son to the game. I rather dreaded the evening but it ended up being quite smooth and cool with no real tension from the surrounding crowd. (The most extreme fans were parked far far away!)

p1030327In fact, on a general basis, I strongly dislike huge crowds because of the inherent irrational behaviour of large groups of people. The Santiago Bernabeu stadium was not completely full on Saturday tonight but there were still a lot of people! p1030330

Real Madrid was playing against Getaffe (which incidentally is the suburb of Madrid where Universidad Carlos III is located, a place where I taught Monte Carlo Statistical Method last time I came to Madrid!). The two teams looked (to me) rather unevenly matched, judging from the number of balls recovered by Real Madrid during the game, which ended up as 2-0 in favour of Real Madrid.  This despite a red card expulsion of one Real player after a dozen minutes or so in the game…

4 Responses to “Real Madrid for real”

  1. speaking of which: anything “at hand” more recent to comment?
    PS in the high energy limit (quantum football), Henry just exploited quantum tunneling! No rule’s against that!

  2. lire un commentaire de foot sur ton blog… :)

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