IMG_6385 On the last day of our visit to Madrid, Ana drove us to Segovia to show us this old town north of Madrid and this was a tremendous surprise: not only the Roman aqueduct was quite impressive, having stood centuries while keeping its graceful shape, but the whole historical city was a real pleasure to explore. No wonder it is a UNESCO World Heritage.

IMG_6315The view of the Alcazar from the old Templar chapel in the late afternoon light against a dark stormy sky was unforgettable and so were the various buildings of the city basking in the evening light.

IMG_6323 IMG_6324

The  austere Templar roman chapel of La Vera Cruz was built on an unusual dodecagonal shape that corrresponds to the twelve arches in the building. It also has a central two-storied room that served as a pillar for the typical roman ceiling, again with twelve sides, and the whole building reverberates from centuries of worship that reminded me of the original crypt at Mont-Saint-Michel (Notre-Dame-sous-terre) with its primitive preroman structure which is another UNESCO World Heritage.

IMG_6366 IMG_6350

The streets were quite busy for a Sunday afternoon, especially on All Saints’ Day. The tallest buildings seemed to house in their towers many crows which were flying and quarrelling around them, akin to their Norman counterparts on my childhood abbey…IMG_6376

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