Comments on particle MCMC

The discussions Nicolas Chopin, Pierre Jacob, Håvard Rue and myself wrote on the Read Paper by Christophe Andrieu, Arnaud Doucet and Roman Holenstein, Particle Markov chain Monte Carlo have now been collated and completemented into an arXiv document.

5 Responses to “Comments on particle MCMC”

  1. […] it is mostly inspired from older chapters written for handbooks. I wished I had more space to cover particle MCMC in a few pages but 12 pages was the upper […]

  2. […] in order to include some of the most recent advances in particle systems, including the 2009 Read Paper of Andrieu, Doucet and […]

  3. Following add’al comments from Nicolas, I have moved the feed to “full text” thanks!

  4. I don’t think the arXiv link works. It’s asking for a login.

    Second, can you make it so that RSS feed gives the whole blog post rather than a tiny snippet. It’s hard for those of us who use a feed reader to follow this blog.

    • The first point is that arXiv is not using the same GMT 00:00 as I do hence a delay, sorry to early readers! The second point is worth considering but it may be that other RSS feed-ed readers may prefer excerpts (as I do).

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