Not yet another pigeon!

Pigeon crashThere must be some seasonal reason like a special sun position or something like that for pigeons to repeatedly come crashing into my office window pane! About one year after the first one, another unaware pigeon hit my window pane this morning! This time, it apparently survived the trauma as I have not found a dead pigeon under my window… The outline of the pigeon body left on the glass is also less well-marked compared with last time.

2 Responses to “Not yet another pigeon!”

  1. […] a pigeon crashes into one of my house windows and leaves an imprint! (This happened in 2008 and 2009.) I did not hear the crash nor did I find any trace of the poor bird so it either survived the […]

  2. […] After a pair of doves died when trying to break in my house, a young starling only got dazed from hitting my window this […]

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