Call for ISBA 2012

Anyone interested in organising ISBA 2012? Here are the details:

The ISBA Program Council is soliciting pre-proposals to host the 11th world meeting of ISBA in the summer of 2012.  Pre-proposal are due by the first of February to Alexandra Schmidt, Rio de Janeiro, and shall consist of:
* a paragraph on the location and facilities
* names of a tentative local organizing committee, with the likely lead/chair local organizer
* mention of possible local/regional funding streams and tentative level of local funding expected/targeted

Please note that ISBA is available to work with local organizers in developing funding proposals and seeking funding internationally.

The Program Council will review these pre-proposals and invite full proposals from as many groups as the Council  decides. The Program Council will comment on the full proposals and then submit them to the Board for their discussion. The Board and Council will decide an initial prioritization of proposals, weighing balance of geographical location (over a period of years, aiming to represent all active Bayesian regions worldwide), cost and accessibility.  At the WorldMeeting in 2010, the potential sites will be discussed and represented at the Member Meeting, following which the Program Council will make a final recommendation for the site to the Board, for Board approval.


1 Feb, 2010     pre-proposals due
15 Feb, 2010   full proposals invited
1 May, 2010    full proposals due
15 May, 2010  program council forwards comments to board
June 2010       discussion at ISBA 10 in Benidorm leading to final decision

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