Creationism on French public television

“If you take an entire DNA molecule, coding for all the proteins required for life, I think it’s about 1 followed by 40,000 zeros (which is really no chance) that such coded DNA can arise by chance.” André Eggen, Creation, sept. 1998.

Jean-Louis Foulley signaled to me an incoming show on the French public television (Chanel 5): a debate  paradoxically taking place in the beautiful Grande Galerie de l’Evolution, about creationism and its increasing intrusion in France. The presentation seems a priori critical of the creationist theses, and the show seems to rightly consider the relativist opening of schools to creationist theses as a danger for education, but one sentence in the script is appalling: “scientists from both tendencies will debate“. Considering that creationism is one among other scientific theories is the main argument for teaching it in schools! (The representant of creationism is was supposed to be André Eggen who is a researcher in Genetics at the French public research institute in agronomy, INRA, who contributed to the sequencing of the bovine genome, and also a very active advocate of creationism on the French scene. The above quote shows the abyssal level of his arguments in this area… [11/22: Eggen’s name has now been removed from the list of invitees])

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