Adapskiii Utah!

As signaled in a previous post, the next edition of our Adap’ski workshops will remain a satellite of the larger MCM’Ski conference and, since the later moves to Utah for its third occurence, so do we. The skeleton of the Adapskiii webpage is now on line with hopefully a list of speakers coming up soon! The points worth mentioning at this stage are that (a) the conference starts on the evening of the 2nd of January, which admitedly is not an optimal date to travel for those celebrating New Year (and which also happens to be a Sunday in 2011), and (b) there will be a registration fee for this edition, most likely aggregated to the MCM’Ski 3 registration fee. (The earlier occurences of Adap’ski were sponsored by Paris Dauphine (for the coffee breaks) and Hotel Rezia (for the room rental), thanks to the help of Antonietta Mira. This won’t be the case in Utah!)

2 Responses to “Adapskiii Utah!”

  1. […] III in Utah next early January. When registering, make sure to tick the free registration for Adap’skiii as well! The fourth joint international meeting of the IMS (Institute of Mathematical Statistics) […]

  2. t’as mis une photo avec des canons a neige!!! ca fait un peu cheap…:)

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