Letter to PNAS

The letter with Carla Chen and Kerrie Mengersen to PNAS commenting on the ABCμ paper by Oliver Ratmann, Christophe Andrieu, Carsten Wiuf and Sylvia Richardson that appeared in PNAS has been accepted despite a inauspicious start!

Title: “Letter: Model choice versus model criticism”
Tracking #: 2009-11260
Authors: robert et al.

Dear Prof. Robert,

We are pleased to inform you that the PNAS Editorial Board has given final approval of your letter to the Editor for online publication.
The author(s) of the published manuscript have been invited to respond to your feedback. If they provide a response, it may appear online concurrently with your letter.

We are now looking forward to the response from the authors!

3 Responses to “Letter to PNAS”

  1. […] existing ABC algorithms can be modified to this effect. This short paper thus extends the earlier PNAS paper by Olli et al. to include the MH and SIS ABC extensions, and to test those on several applications: […]

  2. […] In a well-coordinated move, Oliver Ratmann and his co-authors published his reply to our letter on arXiv yesterday afternoon, right after the “viva” for his PhD thesis at Imperial […]

  3. […] made in this thesis, in particular the ambivalent role of the error , whose discussion is to appear in PNAS, but it opens a whole range of new directions. In particular, it proposes an examination of […]

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