Mathematics looking for mathematicians

This is on the cover of Le Monde today! In association with the workshop “Maths à venir“, i.e. “Maths to come”, jointly supported by the Société Mathématique de France, the Société Francaise de Statistique and the Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles, there were several newshots in Mathematics this week on the national chanels, including a roundtable on the national public radio France Inter (with Jean-Pierre Bourguignon and the statistician Claudine Schwartz, also signing as C. Robert!) and this piece is an illustration of the efforts of the mathematicians. to reach the medias… The decrease in the number of math (and science) students in universities is a global trend in Western countries and France is not spared by this phenomenon. Till very recently, mathematical finance graduate programs were able to partly compensate for this decline but the subprime crisis has also impacted this flow. While the paper argues that the crisis has degraded the image of mathematics among students, I am quite skeptical about this, because financial mathematics are only taught in the final year of graduate programs. My own observation is that the last year saw instead a surge in the number of PHD students in mathematics (and statistics) as a result of lesser positions in banks and companies.

One Response to “Mathematics looking for mathematicians”

  1. I guess Claudine Schwartz should be the daughter and grand-daughter of two well-known mathematicians.

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