Having purchased a new MacBook Pro [5.3] thanks to the support of our most recent ANR EMILE grant, and prodded by Jean-Michel Marin to give it a try, I first attempted using the local Mac software, i.e. the Unix system behind the Snow Leopard OS, but I could not get my terminal environment to work properly for my ten basic Unix commands to operate seamlessly enough. Presumably for not trying hard enough…

Thus, this weekend, I started on the “big” move to a rEFIt dual boot with Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic koala!) installed on the second half of the partition. The whole process is fairly well described on Ubuntu forums and I followed the steps there so that the installation first succeeded. I then tried to install KDE 4.3 from the original Gnome environment and this did not produce an acceptable working platform. I reluctantly switched back to Gnome and cut down as many features of this environment as possible to obtain a minimalist working space. At this stage, I was asked to update various packages  of Karmic and then disaster stuck when I accepted to switch between versions of Grub2: later attempts to rescue and even to reinstall Ubuntu 9.10 failed. When I booted from anything but the Mac OS, on the rEFIt panel, I was getting an infinite sequence of GRUB on the screen… The forums being also full of contradictory and failing suggestions, this drove me mad the whole afternoon!!! I eventually erased everything including rEFIt and managed once again to access  the Ubuntu OS. I cannot say I have  yet reached a point where I trust the stability of the system.

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