“Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R” is out!

That’s it!, “Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R” is out, truly out, I have received a copy from Springer by express mail today! (If you need any further proof, it is also advertised as In stock by Amazon.) Given that the printer exactly reproduces the pdf file sent to Springer, there is no element of surprise as in my earliest book (where I found a particularly horrendous typo made by the French publisher on the back cover!) but it is nonetheless a very pleasant feeling to take (finally!) hold of one’s new book! Since there must be remaining typos and even more obscure points, feel free to contact George Casella or myself for corrections and precisions.

2 Responses to ““Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R” is out!”

  1. […] a few days so that we could make late progress on the revision of our book Bayesian Core towards an Use R! version. In one of the R programs in the mixture chapter, we were getting improbable answers, until we […]

  2. […] code before the exam, all students have managed the basics of R programming and graphics, if not of Monte Carlo approximations or of boostrapping. One of the problems involved the distribution of a disk area and I found that […]

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