Already a competitor?!

When looking around on Amazon, I found that “Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R” was associated with another very recently published (same day as ours!) book, “Understanding Computational Bayesian Statistics“, by William Bolstad, that seems to mostly cover the same ground as us (with some connections with Bayesian Core for prior modelling in regression and logistic models). Although R seems to be less proeminently advocated than in our Use R! volume, I am quite curious to see what exactly is in this book and how much of a competitor it is! (Given that it is the same length as ours (about 315 pages), I am however a bit surprised at the high $110’s asked for this book.)

3 Responses to “Already a competitor?!”

  1. […] have just finished reading this book by Bill Bolstad (University of Waikato, New Zealand) which a previous ‘Og post pointed out when it appeared, shortly after our Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R. My family commented […]

  2. Checking on my own books, I just realised the (hardcover) Monte Carlo Statistical Methods book is priced at $109 ($70 on Amazon)… And even the short Bayesian Core is at $79.99 (reduced to $54.58 on Amazon), while The Bayesian Choice is only $54.95 (down to $44 on Amazon).

  3. Wiley is notorious for overcharging. I know all about this: my book with Meng, “”Applied Bayesian Modeling and Causal Inference from Incomplete-Data Perspectives” was published with Wiley, who gave it a delightful hundred-dollar price tag. It’s an excellent book–XL and I got chapters from top statisticians, and we did a thorough editing job, I think it’s worth $100. But, still, I wish it sold for $40 like ARM.

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