ABC thesis

I am currently in London for the thesis examination of Oliver Ratmann and, while I am more than disapointed at finding my favourite Indian restaurant closed!, I enjoy very much reading this very rich and unusual thesis. As posted earlier, I have disagreements with some of the choices made in this thesis, in particular the ambivalent role of the error \varepsilon, whose discussion is to appear in PNAS, but it opens a whole range of new directions. In particular, it proposes an examination of the successive inclusion of diverse statistics, a bit in the spirit of Joyce and Marjoram, discussed in this post. It also considers the impact of testing for the adequacy of a model as testing for the hypothesis H_0: \epsilon=0, which I find quite an interesting stance, even though I completely disagree with the approach! Indeed, a Bayes factor can be constructed almost formally for this hypothesis, thus formal Bayesian answers provided. But testing whether or not \varepsilon=0 does not make sense since, even when the model fits, \varepsilon varies around zero. But this is nonetheless a very imaginative proposal! (Overall the thesis stands a very good chance for the Savage Prize 2011 if it is ever submitted!)

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  4. Giles Warrack Says:

    what is your favourite Indian restaurant in London (the one that was closed)?

  5. […] and a joint postdoc between Statistics and Biology, where I wish her the best! This makes for a second brilliant ABC thesis in one […]

  6. […] and a joint postdoc between Statistics and Biology, where I wish her the best! This makes for a second brilliant ABC thesis in one […]

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  8. Oliver Ratmann Says:

    Thanks for the nice post and your insightful comments on the thesis! I hope we will keep in touch on ABC methodology ^_^


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